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go shopping造句

I will  go shoping.Do you want to go shopping.Don't go shopping.

句子:My parents always go shopping on weekends.

让我们go to school 让我们go swimming 让我们go to park 让我们go fishing 让我们go hiking

That's all right This a good idea Today let’s do some shopping I'm go shopping with my mother Let’ have a picnic

go ahead 英[ɡəu əˈhed] 美[ɡo əˈhɛd] v. 前进; vt. 先走; 走在前面; 发生; 进行; [例句]The district board will vote today on whether to go ahead with the plan. 地区理事会将于今天投票决定是否开始实施这...

1. Are you rested enough to go on? 你是否歇够了可以接着干了? 2. If you will only join the concern, it will go on wheels. 只要你参加此商号的话,其业务即可顺利进行。 3. I have only reports to go on. 我的依据只是谣传而已. - 4. go ...

Where (ie At what point) did I go wrong in my calculation?我在计算中什麽地方出了差错? She tends to over-react when things go wrong.事情一有差错她往往反应过激。 Their marriage started to go wrong when he got a job abroad.他找到...

i have to go shopping because there is nothing got in the kitchen.我不得不去购物因为厨房没东西了。没分啊朋友~~

I am going to the school

go over vt. 重温;翻;转为;留下印象;搁置起来 Go over the whole book again before the exam. "考试前把整本书再温习一遍。”

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