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go shopping造句

I will  go shoping.Do you want to go shopping.Don't go shopping.

I went shopping with my mother on last weekend

go ahead 英[ɡəu əˈhed] 美[ɡo əˈhɛd] v. 前进; vt. 先走; 走在前面; 发生; 进行; [例句]The district board will vote today on whether to go ahead with the plan. 地区理事会将于今天投票决定是否开始实施这...

“go”的造句有: 1.He fells that we should go. 他认为我们该走了。 2.I let them go out lest I should be bothered. 我让他们去了外边,免得他们打扰我。 3.He jollied her along until she agreed to go with him. 他把她哄得高高兴兴地同意...

That's all right This a good idea Today let’s do some shopping I'm go shopping with my mother Let’ have a picnic

Where (ie At what point) did I go wrong in my calculation?我在计算中什麽地方出了差错? She tends to over-react when things go wrong.事情一有差错她往往反应过激。 Their marriage started to go wrong when he got a job abroad.他找到...

I'm not ready to go back to work yet。 You will go back to school soon, won't you? go back to the school.

句子:My parents always go shopping on weekends.

1. Are you rested enough to go on? 你是否歇够了可以接着干了? 2. If you will only join the concern, it will go on wheels. 只要你参加此商号的话,其业务即可顺利进行。 3. I have only reports to go on. 我的依据只是谣传而已. - 4. go ...

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