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go shopping造句

I will  go shoping.Do you want to go shopping.Don't go shopping.

句子:My parents always go shopping on weekends.

I am going to the school

I usually go to bed at 9.我通常在9点睡觉。 I go for a walk everyday我每天都散步。 I go home at 5 o'clock.或直接I go home at 5.我5点回家。 Let's go!让我们走吧 ! I usually go to school by bike.我经常骑自行车去学校 I go to school ...

1. Are you rested enough to go on? 你是否歇够了可以接着干了? 2. If you will only join the concern, it will go on wheels. 只要你参加此商号的话,其业务即可顺利进行。 3. I have only reports to go on. 我的依据只是谣传而已. - 4. go ...

让我们go to school 让我们go swimming 让我们go to park 让我们go fishing 让我们go hiking

That's all right This a good idea Today let’s do some shopping I'm go shopping with my mother Let’ have a picnic

i have to go shopping because there is nothing got in the kitchen.我不得不去购物因为厨房没东西了。没分啊朋友~~

go ahead 英[ɡəu əˈhed] 美[ɡo əˈhɛd] v. 前进; vt. 先走; 走在前面; 发生; 进行; [例句]The district board will vote today on whether to go ahead with the plan. 地区理事会将于今天投票决定是否开始实施这...

I go to the bookstore every Sunday.

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