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Memories of you 你的回忆、你的记忆。 memory是记忆、回忆,复数形式是memories,去掉y并加ies。

memories of you and me 关于你我的记忆

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Memories Of Time (翻译BY:Mr_wonder(我爱靓)) Time is running so fast 时间流逝的如此飞快 This moment that you live 当你活着的时候 Instantly everything is past 一切转瞬即逝 And you wonder where the time has gone 你却在寻找时间去了...

原唱者是Jewels Newton,歌曲的大意是回忆1945年,和爱人在上海的一段回忆。梁静茹爱的大游行CD中有所收入翻唱。黄莺莺也翻唱过。两者都加入了东方的元素。 歌词 i'm wondering how i came to be here lying alone trying hard not to shed a tea...

OP 1《*~アスタリスク~》 by:ORANGE RANGE OP 2《D-tecnoLife》by:UVERworld OP 3《一轮の花》by:HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR OP 4《TONIGHT TONIGHT TONIGHT》by:BEAT CRUSADERS OP 5《Rolling star》by:YUI ED 1《Life is Like a Boat》by:Rie fu...

家里的回忆 He clung to his memories of home. 他对家乡念念不忘。 I hope you will have lasting good memories of your time here and always take China as your second home! 我希望你永远地记住在这里的时光,并且一直把中国当作你的第二...

full of memories 充满了回忆 双语例句 1 There's an acrid smell and the rooms are full of memories. 走进低矮房舍,天花板塌陷危及可见,这是一个充满霉味和回忆的房子。 2 And those who have lost loved ones may find this day especiall...

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