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Unit4 Six minutes to six, said the digital clock over the information desk in Grand Central Station. John Blandford, a tall young army officer...

试题和解答都在这,好好参阅吧,祝你成功! A few minutes before six o’clock, Mr. Smith began to leave. He was about to start the car when a gunman (持枪者) 1 up from the back seat. He 2 a gun to Mr. Smith’s head,“Drive me to Pari...

its six minutes to eight 差六分钟八点(即七点五十四分)


What time do you often get up in the morning? — At a _(fifteen minutes) past six. (B)用所给的词或词组的适当形式填空。 go home, look


答案:a 翻译:汽车什么时候到? 6分钟后。 解析:in+时间段,表示多久以后,如题,表示六分钟后 at+时间点,如 at 6,在六点 for+时间段,表示这一段时间。for 6 minutes,在这六分钟里 如有疑问,请追问。 无疑后请采纳。 书山有路勤为径,学海...

We waited for her again for ten minutes after six o'clock

seasons of love(这个我听得是Glee的版本,不知道是不是你要的版本就没传附件了) Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes 五十二万五千...

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