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stroll Along

在湖边漫步 A stroll by the lake 重点词汇释义 湖边lakeside; lakefront

strollin\' alongit\'s just me and my dogcatchin\' some sunwe can\'t go wrong\'cause I don\'t care \'bout your hatin\' and your doubtand I...

美国作家kay boyle《天文学家的妻子》(中英)原文这里就是。 Astronomer's Wife 天文学家的妻子 by Kay Boyle(1903-1992) 当万籁俱寂,生命尚未复苏时,...

as we stroll along together 当我们一起漫步 holding hands walking all along 手牵着手一路走 so in love are we two 我们俩是多么的相爱 that ...

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