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thEy ArE my nEw FriEnDs.改为一般一问句?

你好,我是精锐教育的杨老师,希望我的回答对您有帮助。 They are my new friends.改成一般疑问句是Are they your friends ? 记住:谓语是be动词的一般疑问句,都是直接将be动词提到句首(即将谓语放到主语前面去)就好了。

一般疑问句:Are you friends?肯定回答:Yes,they are.否定回答:No,they aren't.

汗,如果对I提问,别纠结了,明显少个空,Am I your new friend? 不过还有一种可能,对your提问 貌似可以两个空 who's your new friend? 呵呵,希望对楼主有帮助。

Is this your What's Where are It's an What are

Are these your friends?No,they are not.

My new friend is Bill(改为一般疑问句) 参考答案: Is your new friend Bill? 参考译文: 你的新朋友是Bill吗? 不懂欢迎追问!

1. They're my good friends(改为一般疑问句)(Are )(they)(your)good friend? 2、This is her pen(改为同义句)This pen(is)(her) 3、Those are his sister(改为单数句)(Is that )his(sister) 4、green,yours,is,the,jacket(?)(连词成句) ...

您好! 应该是:Aren't your friends in the classroom? Yes,they are. 你的朋友们不在教室里面么?不,他们在。 第二句:Isn't this boy daming ? Yes,he is. 这男孩不是大明吗?不,他是。 第三句:Aren't you Tony? Yes,I am. 你不是托尼吗?...

Is your new friend Bill?

They are my good friends. 一般疑问句Are they my good friends? 否定句They aren't my good friends.

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